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Julius Wechter Discography

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BJMB: Fowl Play Baja Marimba Band: Fowl Play
A&M SP-4136

Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss
Arranged by Julius Wechter
Released 1967

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Track Listing:

  1. Fowl Play 2:07
  2. Summer Samba 2:13
  3. Yellow Days 2:35
  4. Windy 2:42
  5. Sounds Of Silence 2:45
  6. Fiddler On The Roof 1:49
  7. Along Comes Mary 2:15
  8. She's Leaving Home 3:05
  9. Baja Humbug 2:35
  10. The Look Of Love 2:53
  11. Rhode Island Red 2:45
This follow-up to Heads Up! differs little from its predecessor. There are some trademark arrangements in "Summer Samba" with its Brazilian influence, "Windy" and "Along Comes Mary". One standout is the arrangement for "She's Leaving Home", and an almost obligatory cover of "The Look Of Love" that many of the A&M artists covered on their own albums.
BJMB: Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Baja Marimba Band: Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
A&M SP-4150

Produced by Allen Stanton (except "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" produced by Herb Alpert & Allen Stanton
Arranged by Julius Wechter (not listed)
Released 1968

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Track Listing:

  1. I Say A Little Prayer 2:28
  2. Sunrise, Sunset 3:26
  3. San Fernando 1:58
  4. Do You Know The Way To San Jose? 2:30
  5. In A Vera Cruz Vein 2:25
  6. The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde 2:28
  7. Yes Sir, That's My Baby 2:13
  8. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 3:49
  9. Sunday Mornin' 2:51
  10. For Bud 2:40
  11. There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This 2:15

The old-time feel of "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" and the swiftly moving current of "I Say A Little Prayer For You" are highlights of another solid Baja album. "Sunrise, Sunset" is a workout for Julius Wechter on marimba, playing solo throughout part of the song, and given sparse accompaniment of guitar, bass and drums during the rest. (Recorded close-up, the marimba spans the entire soundstage between the speakers, volleying back and forth as Julius runs his way up and down the scale.) Again, more fine originals are presented here--"San Fernando, "For Bud" and "In A Vera Cruz Vein".

BJMB: Those Were The Days Baja Marimba Band: Those Were The Days
A&M SP-4167

Produced by Allen Stanton
Arranged by Julius Wechter & Nick DeCaro
Released 1968

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Track Listing:
  1. Flyin' High 2:09
  2. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 2:24
  3. Big Red 2:11
  4. Here, There And Everywhere 3:25
  5. Those Were The Days 3:18
  6. (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me 3:08
  7. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize 3:00
  8. Peru '68 2:18
  9. Knowing When To Leave 3:02
  10. Happening To Me 3:13
  11. Elenore 2:34

"Flyin' High" and "(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me" anchor this Baja Marimba project, with the excellent originals "Big Red" and "Peru '68" among the highlights of the set. The sound of this set recalls the previous album in many ways. Another classic album cover, with Julius and crew depicting the crossing of the Delaware (could it be the Rio Grande?).

BJMB: Fresh Air Baja Marimba Band: Fresh Air
A&M SP-4200

Produced by Allen Stanton
Arranged by Julius Wechter / * Nick DeCaro
Released 1969

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Track Listing:

  1. Cielito Lindo 2:40
  2. Wave 3:16
  3. I'll Marimba You 2:11
  4. I Don't Want To Walk Without You 2:43
  5. Fresh Air 2:05
  6. Eleanor Rigby 2:30
  7. The Windmills Of Your Mind 3:06
  8. Samba Nuevo 1:59
  9. Here 2:50
  10. Madagascar 2:37

This is a more relaxed offering than we're used to from the Baja Marimba Band. Rather than opening with both six guns firing, a relaxed "Cielito Lindo" opens the can, followed by an even more relaxed "Wave". What the upbeat tunes like "I'll Marimba You" and Eleanor Rigby" lack in firepower, they make up for in restraint. "Samba Nuevo" has some neat twists to it, including a Turkish 2-2-2-3 beat reminiscent of Brubeck's "Blue Rondo A-La Turk".

BJMB: Greatest Hits Baja Marimba Band: Greatest Hits
A&M SP-4248

Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss
Arranged by Julius Wechter & Herb Alpert
Released 1970

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Track Listing:

  1. Comin' In The Back Door (from The Baja Marimba Band)
  2. Yours (from Watch Out!)
  3. Along Comes Mary (from Fowl Play)
  4. Spanish Eyes (from Heads Up!)
  5. Fowl Play (from Fowl Play)
  6. The Look Of Love (from Fowl Play)
  7. Georgy Girl (from Heads Up!)
  8. Ghost Riders In The Sky (from Watch Out!)
  9. Acapulco 1922 (from The Baja Marimba Band)
  10. Somewhere My Love (from Watch Out!)
  11. Maria Elena (from The Baja Marimba Band)
  12. Brasilia (from The Baja Marimba Band Rides Again)

This hits collection spans only the first six Baja Marimba albums (up through Fowl Play). It sticks mainly to their cover versions of popular songs and only includes a couple of originals. But these are probably the most recognizable of their repertoire nonetheless, and capture the essense of the group at their best. Refer to the original album listings for details.

Julius and friends extolling the virtues
of Colombian...caffeine.

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